I have been working with Olga for several years now. I met her through another functional medicine
practice, and with the opening of her new business, followed her to the new practice to continue under
her care.
Her consideration for patients, and the time she dedicates to explaining, supporting, and walking with
her patients is unmatched by any doctor I have ever met. Most Westernized Doctor’s or Primary Care
Physicians do not spend more than 10 minutes with a patient, never seeking to get to the root cause or
understand the emotional, physical, and mental toll illnesses and diseases can play on a person seeking
Olga is extremely well-versed, well-researched, and extremely educated when it comes to treating her
patients. Her years of experience, and the time she has spent educating herself and cross-referencing
medications, treatments, and their effectiveness shows. She is a wonderful provider and highly


My name is Tatiana O. I am 50 years old. I have been suffering for a couple years. I went to my Primary care physician (PCP) and the only thing she does is add more medications each time. I knew something was terribly wrong with me but each time, my PCP would say: “You are fine.” I even started losing my voice, still my PCP said that I was fine. My blood pressure was sky-high. She kept adding more and more medications without any improvement.

My daughter who has been suffering from generalized joints pain with a frozen elbow was the one who guided me to Olga. Olga Tawiah is a unique Healthcare Provider. At first, when I met her, I asked myself: Does any human being like this exist? She is the epitome of individualized evidenced-based care that is very comprehensive in a compassionate and caring manner as well as in a safe environment. She asked questions that no other providers have ever asked me. Questions from when I was conceived until the day I saw her for the first time. The medical appointment was not timed. It was completed when she finished gathering all the data that she needed to make a decision on what lab tests to order. My first appointment was about two hours and half at the same cost. I am forever grateful. No other physicians were able to discover what was causing my symptoms. Dr. Olga found it with the first set of laboratories she ordered. Not only did the treatment she designed for me resolve my problems but also helped me to lose a lot of weight. Please, do not just take my words. Visit the clinic. Again, I am forever grateful…

Tatiana O.

At 75-year-old, I was still looking for help with my deteriorating health. At 20-year-old, I noticed my left knee was swollen, as well as losing muscle in that leg.  I was on a mission to find out what was happening.  Many Doctors later, 2 knee replacements as well as all the tests, exploratory exams, and operations with no relief. In desperation at 75 years of age, I finally was put in touch with a Doctor in Arizona who after some blood testing said it’s possible, I had Lyme disease.
He suggested I find Ozone Therapy.  So, living in Viginia I went on a quest to find the specific ozone he recommended.
Well after many calls to offices, I finally found Full Spectrum Integrative Care in Fairfax City! After 50 years I finally found help!  NP Olga Tawiah is my Angel from God. By the time I found NP Olga, I had probably seen more than 100 physicians among whom some even told me that there is nothing they can do to help me. One even told me that he wished he could diagnose me with Leukemia but added that unfortunately, I do not have leukemia and he cannot help me. My life was slipping away. If I did not find Olga, I would probably be dead two years ago. She is not just a healer but a loving, compassionate, caring healer. What I love most about her is that she is very humble. She is the personification of humility. She attributes every success to God and to the patient complying to the treatment plan. I am healthier now than I was in my younger years. No matter what challenges come during the treatment, NP Olga is always calm and solves those challenges without any struggles. NP OLGA and Kimberly are God send.  NP Olga is a brilliant diagnostician. I went through many bloods test which explained my pain and joint problems. She started me on a program to clear up the co-infections of Lyme and its comorbidities.  Now after a year and a half I am almost pain free and feeling really well for the first time in my adult life!

Cynthia C.

The office is so calming, you feel at peace when you walk in.  Everyone that works there is warm, loving and makes you feel at home… Olga – the NP – hands down the best health care provider I have ever encountered.  She is the very best at finding the root cause of whatever illness you might have… Whatever you might be dealing with- Full Spectrum Integrative Care is definitely the place to go!!

Sandy H.